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Violeta has the stage name "Firestarter", and with good reason: she starts up the fires that lay dormant within each dancer, until they rage in the passion of the art of dance, led by Violeta.

She is not only the director, choreographer, teacher, and dancer of KR3TS, she is also someone who each member of her dance troup has come to respect, admire, and look forward to spending time with, like a best friend, like a family member.

Here are the bios of the brilliant performers who look forward to each moment they dance, as they look forward to each breath they take.

Read, and be inspired yourself!

Violeta Galagarza

Bernadette Garcia

Ali Redwine

Prince Diaby




Vanessa Marie Rivera Angelina Reyes Anthony Norton
Natalia Natalie Torres Richard Anthony Ruperto
Ramon Rodriguez Edwin Echevarria, Jr. Tiger Sithysak Son
Cindy Rodriguez Darnell Finisterre Zanita Johnson
Eric Sanchez